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About VSA Utrecht


Founding of our community 
VSA Utrecht was started July 2020 with one goal: to build a supportive community for vegan-minded students. We never expected the overwhelmingly positive response we received! VSA Utrecht is now an association with ± 140 members and multiple committees. We are very proud to call ourselves an inclusive and welcoming community to everyone, no matter your current lifestyle!


Monthly newsletter
Not only for our members, but for anyone who is interested in being up to date about our events, vegan news and inspiring columns written by our members: you can sign up for free here or through the button below to receive our monthly newsletter! :) 


Why Veganism?

You can eat plant-based for many different reasons, the ones we stand for are for the environment and the animals. The environment: The meat, diary and egg industry is responsible for more green house gases emissions than all transportation combined. Switching to a plant-based diet is the single best thing you can do for the environment. The animals: We can all agree that killing and harming another being is bad, but we somewhere along the way lost that connecting with the animals we consume. When it comes to milk, cows just like any other mammal produces milk for her baby, for us humans to be able to drink her milk, we take away her baby after he or she is born. A bit of a Dumbo situation. Okay but what's wrong with eggs? Hens lay eggs to get babies. When humans started taking away her eggs, her body had no choice than to produce more since she of course want to have her babies. Hens naturally lays around 12 eggs a year, now, after years and years of humans stealing her eggs, they lay around 300 a year and their natural system is now fully corrupt.  

We have weekly events in and around Utrecht. Our events are centered around veganism, vegan food, sustainability, animal rights and equality. 

Meet The Board
2021 -2022

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Maya Schaap



Maya (25) is studying to become a clinical psychologist. Besider her studies and presidency, she keeps busy with dog- and babysitting, doing yoga, playing boardgames, and escaping into nature whenever she can. She has been vegan since spring 2014 and even though the societal change will always be too slow for her liking, she feels hopeful by how much has already has changed since then. Her favorite vegan quote? "It costs us so little to go vegan. It costs animals so much if we don't."

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Marleen van Kempen


Vice President

Marleen (24) is a clinical neuropsychologist to be. Currently, she spends her gap year working and travelling, doing a pottery course and being VSA Utrecht's vice president :)
She has been vegan for over 2 years and hopes more and more people will adopt this loving lifestyle. She aspires to create a warm and welcoming vibe in VSA Utrecht for anyone wanting to connect to like minded people <3 
Her favourite vegan quote? "My food is grown, not born."


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Dieuwertje Janssen



Dieuwertje (24) graduated from her Masters in Nutrition and Health, and is currently working as a research assistant. She has been vegan for over six years, and she hopes to see the community of vegan students grow even more in Utrecht! She hopes veganism will become more accessible and approachable for everyone, getting rid off the extremist image that others may have of veganism. Her favorite vegan quote? "Eat beans, not beings."

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Steven Bensdorp



Steven (23) graduated as a historian and is currently studying to become an elementary school teacher. He works at the service hub of and does an internship at the Nijekroost. He has been vegan for over two years and firmly believes a vegan Netherlands is possible in his lifetime. In his free time he loves to read and play boardgames. His favourite vegan quote? “The day may come when the rest of the animal creation may acquire those rights which never could have been withholden from them but by the hand of tyranny.”



Sandra Einvall



Sandra is a Graphic Design student from Sweden. She is currently doing an internship at Lazy Vegan in Amsterdam. Her dream for this association is to mainstream veganism and to create the coziest community in The Netherlands! Pasta is her favourite food.


Sophie Croon

Vice -president

Sophie is a Medical Master student from the Netherlands. Her dream for VSA is to connect with people from all the other VSA's and have events together! Her favourite food is sushi.


Kelly Leewis


Kelly is a Journalism student from the Netherlands. Her dream for VSA Utrecht is to one day get our own location! That way VSA can make veganism more visible and accessible for students. Thai curry is her favourite food.


Sara Hageraats



Sara is a Medical Master student from the Netherlands. Her dream for VSA is to create an open-minded and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome <3 . Her favourite food is peanut butter. 

Meet The Committees



The media committee is in charge of all of the association's social media accounts. They create posts on instagram and facebook, and make sure our feed looks great! They also take pictures at all of our events. 

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The events committee is responsible for organizing our social events. These include potlucks, cooking workshops, drinks and other veganism-related events. The committee makes sure everything before, during and after events runs smoothly, so our members have the best experience possible!

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The members of our podcast committee are the creative minds behind our podcast 'Lettuce Talk'. The committee brainstorms about potential topics, has lots of fun recording the episodes and edits them in a way the podcast is really fun to listen to!

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The outreach committee is responsible for spreading the vegan message, as well as educating people about vegan(-related) matters. They organize events such as chalking nights, movie screenings and lectures.  

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The excursion committee is responsible for planning and organizing our events outside of Utrecht. These include visiting animal sanctuaries, as well as (inter)national city trips, where we try  the vegan food that city has to offer! 

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