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Meet The Committees

Interested in joining a committee? Please send a mail to the board any at time of the year at


The media committee is responsible for all of the association’s social media accounts. Not only do they create the prettiest posts on Instagram and Facebook, but they are also in charge of designing promotional material.

So whether you are good with social media or have a heart for designing, then this is the committee for you!


The events committee is responsible for organizing all kinds of social events so you can get to know the other members whilst having a good time. These events include potlucks, food tastings, cooking workshops, drinks, or fun activities like bowling, playing jeu de boules or playing pool.

So whether you like organizing activities or coming up with creative and new ideas, then this is the committee for you!


The members of our podcast committee are the creative minds behind our podcast ‘Lettuce Talk‘. In this committee you brainstorm about topics to discuss or people to interview, record the episodes and also edit them, after which everyone can listen to them on all the podcast platforms.

So whether you want to practice your interviewing skills, get more into editing or you are just full of ideas, then this is the committee for you!


The outreach committee is responsible for spreading the vegan message, as well as educating people about vegan(-related) matters. They organize events such as chalking nights, movie screenings, and lectures. Besides this, the outreach committee is also responsible for acquiring new partners and negotiating discounts for our members.

So whether you are more into activism or want to get better at negotiating, then this is the committee for you!


The excursion committee is responsible for planning and organizing our events outside of Utrecht. These include visiting animal sanctuaries, (inter)national city trips, where we try the vegan food that the city has to offer and the yearly much anticipated member weekend!

So whether you are a true globetrotter and want to share your passion for travel with others, or you just want to organize the best member weekend yet, then this is the committee for you!