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December Activities

More information and the WhatsApp groups can be accessed via the Announcement WhatsApp chat.

The first activity of December is in the theme of the Dutch event called Sinterklaas. Instead of writing poems and making surprises we will be doing a classic dice game. Everyone brings 2 or 3 small presents which will be redistributed during the evening by playing a game. To make it sustainable everyone can bring something they already own but don’t use or want anymore. There will definitely be vegan pepernoten for you to enjoy.

Another classic winter event is to go ice skating! It doesn’t matter whether you are already a pro on the ice or only watch ice skating on television (or neither) this event is for you! It’s possible to rent ice skates at the location and the ice skating itself will cost 6-8 euros.

As the final event of this year, we will host a Christmas themed potluck. So bring your most fancy dish, or best Christmas cookies and we’ll enjoy some great food, classic Christmas tunes and delicious oliebollen to celebrate the end of the year!