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Are you working for a vegan-friendly or sustainable business and would want to become our partner? We partner up with local and national companies that are offering vegan or sustainable options to make it more accessible and affordable for our members.

We are the fastest-growing VSA in The Netherlands, we have more than 100 passionate members and more than 1500 followers on our socials. Partnering up with us would not only be beneficial for our members but also for you as a company since we will promote you on our channels. 

There are many different ways of working together, the most common one is to give our members discounts, have events with us, or to sponsor special happenings like giveaways. This is of course up to both us of, we will find a way that suits both parties!

Become a part of the biggest partner network in the VSA community. We currently have around 40 partners but we are looking forward to growing even bigger with your company!

Please send us an email if you are interested